Finance Tool – How to Install

Finance Tool - How to Install

Important: Use Google Chrome

During this installation it's important you use the Chrome browser.
If you do not have Chrome installed you can download it here:
After this installation you can use any browser.

Before: Sign in

Make sure you have a Google account and are signed in.
If you don't have an account you can make one here:

Step 1: Download

On this page you can find the two files: download
By setting up this tool, you agree to the Terms of Service.
Click + drag and select both files,
Now right click on one of the selected files and choose Make a copy.
Wait 30 seconds for the copying to complete and the files are now part of your drive.

Step 2: Connect the Doc to the Sheet.

In the left menu click My Drive.
Now double click Copy of Invoice to open the invoice document.
Once the file is open select the following part of the URL:
And press Ctrl + C.
Now go back to My Drive.
And double click Copy of Finance Sheet By ZIMONH.
In the bottom click the Settings tab.
Now find Google Drive file id for invoice Document:
And click on the cell next to it and press Ctrl + V.
Now refresh the page.

Step 4: Authorize

In the top menu click Tools > Script editor.
Now in the top menu click Edit > Current project's triggers.
Now a prompt will appear, click No triggers set up. Click here to add one now..
In the first list click createDoc and select onEdit,
In the second list click Time-driven and select From spreadsheet and
In the third list click On open and select On Edit.
Click Save.
Now a prompt will appear saying: Authorization required.
This is needed to allow the finance sheet to connect to the invoice doc.
This script will never send information to 3rd parties or try to access other files.
Click Review Permissions and select your account.
Now a warning will appear.
In the bottom click Advanced.
Next scroll down and click Go to Billy (unsafe).
Now a prompt will apear asking permission for this script: Click "Allow".
What permissions you are granting? find out.

Step 5: Test

Click X On the current Billy tab in your browser.
And in the Finance sheet go to the Finance tab.
Now double click the Bill column of row 5.
And click on a date.
Wait 30 sec.
Now open the Copy of Invoice and check if the date is correct.

Step 6: Add Logo

Make sure you have a logo with a white or transparent background on your computer.
Click and Drag the file into Copy of Invoice next to the logo.
Click the old logo and press Delete.
Now Click the new logo and adjust the size.
The file will automatically save.

Step 7: Add Signature

Make sure you have a signature with a white or transparent background on your computer.
Click and Drag the file into My Drive.
Right Click on the new file and choose Get sharable link.
Select the text after id= and press Ctrl + C.
Now open Copy of Finance Sheet By ZIMONH go to the Settings tab.
And Click next to File id for Signature Image and press Ctrl + C.
Now when you send a final notice or a bill with late fee it will have your signature.

Step 8: Add Company Info

In the Settings tab you can add your company info.
This will all appear when you create an invoice.
You can adjust all the text that doesn't have a black background.

Step 9: Other Customization

You can also translate, adjust the tax-rate and the currency. For more information visit How to use.

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