Terms of Service 14-june-2018

Terms of Service



  • Tool: Sheet, Script and/or Invoice Doc.
  • You: The person using the tool.
  • ZIMONH: The company ZIMONH
  • To Agree: To read comprehend and accept the Disclaimer part B and License.
  • Initiator: Person setting up the tool,
  • Active tool: Tool set up by Initiator.

Disclaimer Part A

The initiator is responsible: To ensure that anyone that uses the active tool, Agrees.
Any usage of the active tool without agreeing falls under the responsibility of the Initiator.

Disclaimer Part B

  • It’s important you double check the data in the tool, to ensure it functions properly,
  • ZIMONH is not responsible for any incorrect data, texts, calculations, values, amounts or any errors or other mistakes in the tool,
  • The feature to ‘update the invoice doc, based on the data in the sheet’ will become unavailable if there is an update ready,/li>
  • Any other feature of the tool can also become unavailbale at any time. (This is not a goal for now but it could happen in te future),
  • This tool runs in the Google cloud. So, Google’s ‘Terms of Service’ and other legal text that you agreed on with Google still apply,
  • If there are any updates to these terms of service ZIMONH will display this at the top of the projects page in the tool and
  • The late fee is calculated using Dutch law so it might not be the same as the legal late fee in your country.


The Sheet and The Script (Connected to the sheet, build using Google App script),

Are property of ZIMONH.
And have the following license:
Attribution NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Some of the features of this sheet script are:

  • Spread values,
  • Protect values,
  • Store the sheet data in local parameters,
  • Generate an invoice,
  • And use settings from in sheet table.

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